Raleigh Realtor Works to Help Sellers Maximize Their Selling Price and Give New Buyers More Options


Home inventory is low and mortgage rates are rising, making it the optimum time to sell at a premium and locate a good buy before Spring in 2019.


Raleigh Realtor® Michael Porter with Novus Home Quest, specializes in helping Raleigh, Cary, and Apex area homeowners successfully navigate the home sale or home buying process.  There are two specific programs that are very useful in today’s marketplace; the improve-it now, pay later property pre-listing program and the lease purchase program.

  • Improve Now, Pay Later for Sellers

Unfortunately, many people struggle with maximizing the aesthetic appeal of their property because it is too expensive.  Removing walls, installing new cabinetry, painting and plumbing, the list goes on and on.  Fortunately, there is a solution to all of this: pre-listing home improvement services combined with payment deferment until closing!  What could be better!  You’ll get top dollar for your home and it will likely be on the market for days, not weeks or months.  Remember, all construction costs are deferred until closing.  You will avoid low ball offers. Imagine, your home fully updated with the latest styles and staging techniques, wowing buyers, and creating a nice check at settlement.

  • Lease to Own for Buyers

Perhaps you have found a home you like but aren’t quite ready to be a homeowner.  Maybe you’re not sure of the neighborhood or just have cold feet.  Now there is a lease purchase program which offers flexibility, choice, and control.  Sign up, lease for up to five years, purchase or walk away!  You can move out after 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, 4 years, or 5 year.  Or you can purchase at a predetermined price.  Pets are welcomed.

  • Why Sell Now?

Don’t wait!  Michael Porter, lead Realtor® at Novus Home Quest explains that, for homeowners, now is the perfect time to sell their properties to maximize their investment return. Home inventory rates are low due to contractor’s unwillingness to hold inventory through the new year.  Once 2019 has begun, there will be a frenzy of building to load the inventory for spring.  This will make it more difficult to sell an existing home. Competition will be with busy contractors and also other home owners who “waited until spring” to list their home.  There are different ways to approach selling your home, but to sell your home fast, and for a good price, having a reputable real estate agent can make all the difference.

  • What a good real estate agent should offer the seller

There are several services that a real estate agent should be able to offer to make the process as smooth as possible.  If your agent has failed to mention a pre-listing home inspection, a detailed room by room improvement list, staging costs and schedules, and qualitatively explained the local market trends, be careful.  Making the decision to sell your home is a very personal decision, and for many, it can be a huge step. Having a reputable Raleigh real estate agent to guide you through the process, could be the difference between an average and a great selling experience (and it might save you a lot of money too). As a seller, you should have confidence that your real estate agent has superior local knowledge and is working in your best interest. Your agent should show commitment to getting you the best possible price for your home rather than selling it to the first person who makes an offer.

Best Raleigh RealtorYour Realtor® should demonstrate knowledge of the local market and neighborhoods, help advise and develop a strategy which includes being with you every step of the way, from setting the asking price to advertising your listing (which includes listing both on their own site and on other high traffic real estate websites) and get you all the way to a smooth and successful closing.  This same agent can also help you find your new dream home.

  • Why Novus?

Novus Home Quest has worked and continues to work diligently to make buying and selling easier for everyone.  Novus has carved out a niche in the North Raleigh, Cary and Apex NC real estate markets.  They are home specialists with a savvy approach for buying and selling property.  They’re growing quickly as word spreads to area residents who want to maximize their equity gains and time it with a good mortgage market.

  • About Michael Porter

Porter’s background is in engineering.  He worked for 14 years in the Triangle area where he first became interested real estate and began investing in rental properties. His engineering qualifications have trained him to quickly analyze projects to enhance property value including identifying properties with potential upside, successful negotiation, managing rental properties, completing renovations and eventually selling properties for a profit. He now uses his knowledge and experience for local homeowners looking for more than just another Realtor®. There are plenty of people with a real estate license but few that know how to get top dollar when selling a home, determine an upside to an investment, and negotiate the best value for their clients.


Porter believes it is this passion combined with his personal experience and a successful track record that makes prospective sellers and buyers choose Novus Home Quest in Raleigh, NC. They know that the services includes global, national, and local exposure.  Mailings, flyers, tested social media campaigns and a targeted marketing strategy are customized to attract qualified buyers.  Novus Home Quest prides itself in helping clients in Raleigh, Cary, Apex or anywhere in the Triangle find the right property that becomes a “home” or investment.

About The Author

Michael Porter

I grew up in a small mountain town in Virginia called Christiansburg. Adjacent to Christiansburg is Blacksburg, home of the Virginia Tech Hokies. I graduated from Virginia Tech in Mechanical Engineering and worked as a project designer & manager for 14 years in the triangle area. During my time as an engineer, I began investing in rental property. I have bought and sold property in Durham, Cary, and Apex and have lived in each area. Over the years, my passion for real estate has continued to grow. Prospecting, buying, renting, renovating, and eventually selling most of my own properties has taught me how to enhance property value. Having hired many real estate agents prior to getting my real estate license, I understand what my clients expect: global, national, and local exposure, a social media ad campaign, and a targeted market strategy to aggressively promote the listing to qualified buyers. By combining my team’s Call Back “Now” policy and our Transaction Management System, we keep our clients updated and worry free. Fortunately, and sometimes painfully, I’ve had to learn many lessons through the school of hard knocks. My goal is to help my clients avoid these costly, aggravating, and time-consuming delays that could spoil their objective.

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